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But first thing's first! Happy birthday [personal profile] starandrea ! I can't put into words how much I adore you, and the fact you have absolutely NO problem having entire conversations with me in capslock! I can't wait to be able to glomp you in person, until then, this will have to do! *GLOMPS!* ♥

And now for the freak-out part. MY PS3 HAS PROBABLY KICKED THE BUCKET! I was replaying Dragon Age: Origins Awakening again today, and when I was switching out one party member for another, it randomly froze, it wouldn't go back to normal, and I couldn't press the PS button to quit it, so I just ejected it, and it wouldn't even do that at first, but it DID as SOON as the game started working again, and after that, lo-and-behold, it stopped reading EVERYTHING. It doesn't read PS3 discs, PS2 discs, or movies. I've tried everything I can think of, and I'm ready to cry! I've had this thing since the year they released the PS3, so it's the fat version, the size of a small computer, and I've never had a single fucking problem with it until now!

Fucking figures, bleh. If anybody has annnnyyyy ideas short of just having to get an entirely new shitty PS3 that can't play PS2 games, give me some hints, onegai? ♥ you all!

Sidenote: Outside of my beloved RooRoo, I haven't gotten a single comment about my epic bigbang fic! FIX THIS NAO! (It will make me feel better! *bats eyelashes!*)


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