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Yeah, so...long time so post, yeah? SORRY! I just haven't really had much to say...well, I HAVE, but I generally just tend to forget to post about it. Anyway, I went to California for a week with my big bro in August for Morphicon, our dad had a timeshare there so we could stay the week instead of just the weekend. It was epic, I loved seeing my friends after two years, even though I barely got to hang out with them, because we had to stay in Anaheim instead of Pasadena, but I couldn't really complain. I loved seeing all the actors again/meeting new ones, like Mike Ginn (who I talked to forEVER, because the poor guy never seemed to really have a line, and I don't know why, because he's fucking adorable and sweet), David Yost (who I NEVER thought would end up at a Morphicon, he's also super sweet, and I stayed in his line for like...two/three hours to get an autograph, WORTH IT) and Dan freakin' Southworth, who I wished I had REALLY gotten to talk to, because hot damn, that man is hot. So I settled for getting an awesome hug, and a picture where he held me and kissed the top of my head (it is currently my Facebook profile pic and is probably not going to be changed anytime soon). AND I got to see him again after spending a little time with my friends at the hotel in Pasadena, when my brother and I were leaving, I saw him, yelled at my brother to wait, and ran over to him to give him another hug. If I could get hugs from him forever, I would be a damn happy woman. I bought a few things, got some nice updated pics (like with JYB, considering I hadn't seen him since freakin' 2007, ugh), and essentially spent all of my money because stuff in California is expensive as hell, wtf.

We took a REALLY nice bus tour on my brother's 30th birthday, we went to a bunch of places, Hollywood Walk of Fame, Rodeo Drive (SO EXPENSIVE WAT I WANTED TO BUY SHIT SO BADLY), Farmer's Market (skipped that shit for this AMAZING THREE FLOOR BARNES AND NOBLE WAT), Santa Monica beach and Venice beach (which are two COMPLETELY different places for being so close together, seriously, Santa Monica is like the suburbs and Venice is the ghetto). We probably went/saw some other stuff too but I am forgetful and this was months ago, sooo. Of course there was a lot of walking, UGH, and I STILL HATE AIRPORTS, I also tore the shit out of my Bleach messenger bag in the parking garage of Metro, because I was tired, and I am not a fast walker, so I ended up just dragging my bag along the ground. Damn friction, you suck. Also, the airport security between Metro and LAX is way different, we had to do all the regular shit at Metro, seperate all your shit, the x-ray thing where you had to like, get in a Macarena pose, and the metal detector. Not like that at LAX, Tre and I were able to put all our stuff in the same bin, and no x-ray, just the metal detector, it was weird.

That was really the only interesting thing that happened last year, haha. There's this convention I want to go to in March in Kentucky, because more Power Rangers peoples, and more of my friends are going to be there, but one of the days falls on my dad's birthday, plus, I'm trying to save up to HOPEFULLY be able to go to Comic-Con this year, which I have been wanting to go to for YEARS, that's the one convention celebs actually take seriously! What else, what else....oh yeah, I have absolutely been FAILING at writing lately. Didn't finish my het_bigbang OR my NaNo, and I'm like, what the hell. So I'm just sticking to short pieces for awhile and see where that takes me.

Also, it was my birthday on Sunday, I didn't do much, hung out with my brother and dad, FINALLY got to see Skyfall, I STILL HAVE SO MANY FEELS FOR THAT MOVIE ESPECIALLY THE ENDING UGH. And Naomie Harris was fucking FLAWLESS, I don't care WHAT my brother says, he has no taste anyway, he doesn't even like James Bond. -_- Also got Japanese food, because, well, I'm addicted to it, it's my weakness.

Also, prompts for the Porn Battle are being taken until the 17th! GO PROMPT NAAAO! Maybe I'll end up writing something this year! how have you all been? ^_^

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...SIGH! At least I'm being taken to dinner on Friday (day of birthday) and going to a bar on Sunday with my brother and our friends (yes, yes we do have some friends in common, I think that is awesome, tyvm!), so there is that. AND my mom bought me a pair of boots, huzzah, I adore boots, I wouldn't know what to do without them!

Sorry if I missed anybody's birthday recently, if I did, happy belated birthday, if I didn't...then just ignore me!

Also, feel free to write me lotsa birthday fics/make me graphics, bwhahaha!


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Yeah, y'all been?! Missed you guys! Nothing too epic has been happening in my life to keep me away from DW/el jay, I just always forget to update, heh. Um, so, yeah, had my birthday, a lotta of my friends' birthdays, my parents' birthdays, aaaand, we moved. We're still in the same state and town, just a different place. Don't really care for it, but meh, it's a roof over our heads, so I suppose I can't complain in that regard.

But oh em gee, Lappy-chan is being a dirty whore, I think she needs to be cleaned, but I don't know how to clean it, I'm fairly certain there's dust in the fans and that's why it's overheating. It's an old ass compaq presario c700, yeah, OLD I KNOW. I might just get it taken in for repair, but then I'm scared they'll erase my all my shit. People tend to do that to my laptops for absolutely NO FUCKING REASON WHATSOEVER! *fumes!*

So, ANYWAY, what's been going on with you guys? Anything interesting/boring/fun/life-changing/so-on-and-so-forth? TELL MEEE!

(Also, happy belated anniversary my lovely el jay! YOU'RE EIGHT YEARS OLD HOLY SHIT I CAN'T BELIEVE I'VE BEEN ON EL JAY FOR THAT LONG! So much has changed since then and I refuse to get rid of my old entries, no matter how shitty they are!) ♥!


Jan. 10th, 2011 08:21 pm
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Sorry for not posting in foreeeever, I forgot, as usual! Nothing much of interest has been going on anyway, other than the fact I epically failed NaNo again! (But I at least got 30k words, that's...something, right?) It doesn't bother me though, just means I have to try harder this year! Speaking of, happy belated new year, and christmas, and all that good stuff!

Also! Happy birthday [personal profile] starlit_purple! I hope it's as awesome as you are! Speaking of birthdays, bleeeh, mine is in three days, and I will be 22, which is a boring birthday, really, it's not like I'm gonna be able to do anything at 22 that I can't do now, meh! I still don't even know what I'm going to do for said birthday, siiigh. Whaaatever, just another day to spend with my fam and friends, I reckon!, what's everyone been up to? Heh. Boring post is now over! ♥
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But first thing's first! Happy birthday [personal profile] starandrea ! I can't put into words how much I adore you, and the fact you have absolutely NO problem having entire conversations with me in capslock! I can't wait to be able to glomp you in person, until then, this will have to do! *GLOMPS!* ♥

And now for the freak-out part. MY PS3 HAS PROBABLY KICKED THE BUCKET! I was replaying Dragon Age: Origins Awakening again today, and when I was switching out one party member for another, it randomly froze, it wouldn't go back to normal, and I couldn't press the PS button to quit it, so I just ejected it, and it wouldn't even do that at first, but it DID as SOON as the game started working again, and after that, lo-and-behold, it stopped reading EVERYTHING. It doesn't read PS3 discs, PS2 discs, or movies. I've tried everything I can think of, and I'm ready to cry! I've had this thing since the year they released the PS3, so it's the fat version, the size of a small computer, and I've never had a single fucking problem with it until now!

Fucking figures, bleh. If anybody has annnnyyyy ideas short of just having to get an entirely new shitty PS3 that can't play PS2 games, give me some hints, onegai? ♥ you all!

Sidenote: Outside of my beloved RooRoo, I haven't gotten a single comment about my epic bigbang fic! FIX THIS NAO! (It will make me feel better! *bats eyelashes!*)
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Less than half an hour from now and I'll officially be 21 years old! ...yay! ...not. I'm not looking forward to it at allll. *watches SVU to make self feel better* Wait, this episode isn't going to make me feel better, somebody I like dies in this ep, boooo! Um, anyway, yeah, can we just NOT call it a birthday and just be all, happy you're-awesome day instead? That works for me, like, a lot. Although presents are still much needed! To...y'know...make me feel better! ^_^

♥ you all!


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