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So remember my last post where I said I had WAY too many plotbunnies for [ profile] het_bigbang and there was gonna be a poll put up? Well, here is that poll! GO VOTE PLZ! Right now, Camelot is winning, but Nikita is trying to catch up, with PRJF struggling, I NEED YOUR HALP GAIZ!
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And by that time again, I mean [ profile] het_bigbang time! Yes, I stoopidly signed up again, don't ask me why. And yes, I have many plotbunnies again, and YES I NEED A BETA AGAIN! *flutters eyelashes* I'll have a poll up later that I'll post here so y'all can vote for what you want me to write! ALSO YOU SHOULD ALL SIGN UP! WRITERS ARTISTS BETAS CHEERLEADERS COME ON! DOO EET YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!

♥ you all!
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Gaiz, what is WRONG with me? I have MORE than enough fics to write, but I've had this idea in my head for literally YEARS, and it STILL won't leave me alone. I want to write a Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue/Supernatural fusion fic, wherein the Mitchells hunt demons with help from the rest of the crew. I mean, TECHNICALLY, they were hunting demons before Supernatural was around, so. Of course it'd be Ryan/Dana because, duh, 'cept Ryan would be more like Sam, in that he just wants to be normal, and Dana would be Dean, in that she's sacrificed her life to destroying evil.

...does this sound interesting to anybody, or am I just crazy and should ignore the muse again like I've been doing for years? HELP YOU GAIZ I CAN'T EVEN WHAT IS WRONG WITH MEEE!
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So, my het BB is officially finished! ...technically, at any rate! I'm not pleased with it at all, I mean, there are good points, but overall, it's pretty rushed, there are plotholes up the ass, I leave things ambiguous, and just...bleh, most of it was my own fault, I can admit. But if anybody wants to read it, the website with my fic, and all the others are here! And pleasepleasepleasePLEASE check out the art that was done for my fic, it will BLOW YOUR FREAKIN MIND I SWEAR! ♥!

And SO MUCH MANY THANKS AND LOVE AND RAINBOWS AND HEARTS AND CUPCAKES TO [personal profile] dragovianknight for being my beta AGAIN, and for dealing with my whining and shitty last minute deadlines and just her general epicness, I really do not know what I'd do without her epic skillz of a beta! As always, it almost goes without saying at this point, much thanks and love to the OMC for...well, being the OMC and my besties for liiiife! And of course, thanks to everyone else for supporting me and not letting me quit, and telling me that I could do this, you guys really are the bestest! ♥

And there WILL be a revised and extended edition of my Xena fic, I PROMISE you that! Don't know when, but it WILL happen!
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Because I'm stupid that's why, and I'm a little sleep deprived and I'm on my period so blah and thank GOD the mod for my BB has given everybody a 12 hour extension, because I NEED EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THOSE HOURS! Luckily, my ending is almost finished, so there is that, at the very least. I am definitely going to have cut out/shorten things, which annoys me, but whatevs, it'll just be like a DVD or something, you get to see deleted scenes at a later point in time!

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So, my BB, for het_bigbang? Coming along REALLY REALLY REALLY SLOWLY! I am totally freaking out, it needs to be done no later than the 25th, at noon PST, and my word goal is 30k. I'm only at like, 17k! *cries!* Somebody cheer me on, or complain at me, or send me ideas, or SOMETHING BECAUSE I AM LIKE GONNA DIE! *HIDES UNDER COVERS!*
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Been up for waaay too long, can't sleep for shit, so my answer to insomnia? FIC WRITING! Except the fandom is Nikita, and I don't know if any of y'all watch that, but, y'know, whatevs, when has something like that ever stopped me! The latest ep was sooo good, squee. Epic fic will be epic, promise! ♥!
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I'm so stuuupid! Still frantically working on my epic RPM fic for au_bigbang, but I stupidly stopped working on it for like, two weeks after I sent in my rough draft, because I just didn't want to look at it anymore. Now I'm struggling to fill in all my plot lines before the 4th! AGGGGH! This wouldn't be so bad, but I have to allocate time for my lovely betas to read it over and make sure I don't look like a complete idiot, and aaaargh. What do I even doooo, agggh! *runs around in circles*

Also, I totally missed the anniversary of my el jay, AGAIN! It was on like, the 8th or something. I can't believe I've had that thing for SEVEN years now, holy shitcakes, man! I like to think I've grown a lot since then, considering I was like...14, jesus. I was a mere babe at that point! Oh, how time has passed! Love ya, my el jay! ♥

P.S. I love you [personal profile] starandrea and [personal profile] dragovianknight
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Hence why there are so many eggs! Besides, I had an uneven number before, five just doesn't cut it! Pleeease click on my little eggies! You wouldn't want them, would you?! *sad panda face!*

Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!Adopt one today!

And okay, so technically, I still have an uneven number, but they wouldn't let me take another egg to make it an even ten! Bah! Also, I cannot sleep, so I am writing fics instead! And they are all dirtybadwrong, just the way I like 'em! Hee! ♥


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