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And by that time again, I mean [ profile] het_bigbang time! Yes, I stoopidly signed up again, don't ask me why. And yes, I have many plotbunnies again, and YES I NEED A BETA AGAIN! *flutters eyelashes* I'll have a poll up later that I'll post here so y'all can vote for what you want me to write! ALSO YOU SHOULD ALL SIGN UP! WRITERS ARTISTS BETAS CHEERLEADERS COME ON! DOO EET YOU KNOW YOU WANT TO!

♥ you all!
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Gaiz, what is WRONG with me? I have MORE than enough fics to write, but I've had this idea in my head for literally YEARS, and it STILL won't leave me alone. I want to write a Power Rangers Lightspeed Rescue/Supernatural fusion fic, wherein the Mitchells hunt demons with help from the rest of the crew. I mean, TECHNICALLY, they were hunting demons before Supernatural was around, so. Of course it'd be Ryan/Dana because, duh, 'cept Ryan would be more like Sam, in that he just wants to be normal, and Dana would be Dean, in that she's sacrificed her life to destroying evil.

...does this sound interesting to anybody, or am I just crazy and should ignore the muse again like I've been doing for years? HELP YOU GAIZ I CAN'T EVEN WHAT IS WRONG WITH MEEE!
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SO PR0N I HAVE WRITTEN IT! You can see two of my entries for the Porn Battle here at my writing journal [personal profile] mysweet_time , and the other two you can hunt around for here!! Do not laugh at me! DON'T YOU JUDGE ME I KNOW A SPELL THAT'LL SHOW YOUR TRUE FORM...a cave rat taught it to me

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So, guys, guess who just signed up for a big bang again? Oh, yeah, that would be me! WHY DID I JUST DO THAT?! I have this irrational thing wherein if I fail NaNo, I automatically have to sign up for a big bang just to prove I can write long fics! Ugh, so stoopid! And hey, if anybody wants to be my beta reader again, hit me up, onegai!

Said big bang is here! You should all sign up so I don't feel super stupid for signing up, or left out! Or just sign up to cheer/beta/make purdy arts! ^_^ Also, I have numerous ideas for my fic, and no idea which to pick, so there's another reason to at least join the comm, so y'all can help me decide!

Make sure to cheer me on and listen to my whining! ♥


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