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Well! I didn't get drunk (despite what the masses may say, ignore them, my word is the only correct one!), I didn't sleep around, I didn't rob anyone, nor did I commit to murder, I'm not in jail and I'm not stuck in a California hospital, so I would call that weekend a rousing success! ♥!

No, I'm not doing a con report, because I don't do that shit, because I forget things too easily do what I want! But I had so much fun, saw a few panels, paid for a lot of autographs/pics (it was worth it though!), met some extremely awesome people, took lotsa pics (and a couple vids, I'll upload those eventually...or try, at any rate!), and yeah...just had lotsa fun!

I did not get to brainstorm awesome Dillon/K fic with [personal profile] starandrea as planned, but never fear, the brainstorming WILL happen! Speaking of awesome people I got to meet, clearly [personal profile] starandrea was one of those people, goddamn is she fucking epically awesome, I ♥ her even more than I thought possible now! I also met [ profile] second_batgirl I hung out in her hotel room for about half an hour with a whole bunch of other people whose names (el jay/DW or otherwise) I did not catch! So inform me of them, pleeease!

Fun teims at panels! Especially the SPD panel where Greg basically confirmed Bridge/Z was canon (HAH! I KNEWS IT!), and that they were planning a Sky/Z/Bridge triangle (...OT3 fic will most likely happen, goddamnit). Kim/Aisha fic will also probably happen thanks to Karan Ashley's comment, and possibly Wes/Jen/Eric fic because Dan Southworth likes to kiss his co-stars!

I dunno, I could probably talk moar, but...I don't feel like it? Hee. I ♥ you all, and here are some links, have fun with them!

Photos can be seen on Photobucket
and FB! Feel free to tag yourself and/or friend me on FB!

Here is the TF theme song backwards that I mentioned in TSB's room! (Serves you, girl blast, SO NICE SO NICE!)

And here is Dan macking on his co-stars!
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In about 15 hours, I will be out of here, and in an airport. Why, you may ask, for Power Morphicon, of course! I am so nervous, and tired, and blah, but also excited. It's gonna be epic, meeting new people (meeting certain el jay/DW friends in person for first time), and of course, the PR alumni. AND I get to hang out with two of my bestest friends ever, epicness will ensue! I still have much to do, and I really shouldn't have left it until the last minute, but, hey, that's how I roll, yo, nothing can change that!

All the walking in the airports is gonna KILL me, seriously, fuck me sideways, ugh!

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I did it, you guys, I fucking DID IT! My epic RPM AU for au_bigbang is DONE HOLY FUCKING SHIT! Oh man, I'm so happy, you don't even knooow! I've posted it all over the place, and I might port it over to my writing journal on el jay, I dunno, but I'll most likely post it on FFN just because that goddamn site needs more awesome pairings, hmph. My thanks are posted over at [personal profile] mysweet_time, but it never hurts to thank awesome, epic people again, amirite?!

Thanks to [personal profile] starandrea , who didn't have the time for beta-ing, but is awesome for offering anyway! Also, my second, equally as awesome beta [personal profile] dragovianknight , who dealt with my horrible nagging, and equally as horrible time constraint. Love to my back-up beta/cheerleader/overall bestie [ profile] the_beccaroo, thanks to cheerleader/idea giver/super bestie [ profile] dr_tiffy, and MASSIVE love to my precious/epic bestie/official artist of EPIC [ profile] bruised_candy. I ♥ you allll!

And the link for the epic AU is right over here!

Read it or I will CRY, and we don't want that, do we?


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